This is the perfect course for students who wish to go to university, or for professionals who wish to improve their academic skills.


The Academic English course aims to:

  • develop your abilities in reading, writing, listening and speaking in an academic context
  • teach you about essay types
  • teach you academic language and style
  • give you confidence in writing and speaking
  • develop your ability to read and think critically
  • help you develop an understanding of British academic culture


A typical Academic English lesson may consist of the following:



Reading Listening/Speaking Writing


Reading for evidence


Preparing for essay writing


Vocabulary in context: inferring
the meaning of words


Understanding connections in texts: this/these


Developing hedging skills


Summarising what has been said


Evaluating visual aids


Pronunciation: stress in compound nouns


Contrasting information


Taking a stance: expressing disagreement


Writing practice


Referring to quantities


Evaluative adjectives


Phrases connecting sentences


Relative clauses



Source:Cambridge Academic English by Martin Hewings CUP 2012