IELTS – Academic and General Training

IELTS is the international real-life test, which better prepares you for your academic goals,whether you wish to go to an English- speaking university, apply for a visa, or enhance your career.


The IELTS Academic exam consists of four tests:

  • Listening
  • Academic Reading
  • Academic Writing
  • Speaking


The IELTS Intensive course is highly intensive, with 10, 15 or 20 hours per week. (Monday to Friday)

IELTS Programme:

Listening: Listening activities designed to practise such skills as note-taking, listening and writing simultaneously as well as techniques, different accent exposure and question types.

Reading: Practise of all IELTS question types, such as sentence completion, multiple-choice and focusing on exam techniques.

Writing: A step-by-step approach for each stage of the writing process relating to both Tasks 1 and 2. Planning, paragraphing, useful language, style and editing are key components of the writing part of the exam.

Speaking: Strategies on how to approach each part of the IELTS Speaking test. Working solely with me, you will have maximum speaking time to improve your fluency, accuracy, vocabulary, structure and intelligibility.

Vocabulary: Topic-specific vocabulary which aims to improve your writing and speaking.

Grammar: Focus is on key strategies for successful academic writing, such as comparing and contrasting, arguing and writing about cause and effect.